Trends. DITA. Gamification. TOC. Careers. Agile.
11 and 12 December 2015
STC India Annual Conference
Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road, Pune
Trends. DITA. Gamification. TOC. Careers. Agile.
Not only about DITA. Agile. Rich media.
Joy. Creativity. Problem Solving. Change Agents.
About Your Space. The Joy. The Creativity.
Gamification. Trends.
Being a Change Agent.


See the conference specific updates in chronological order.

25 September 2015

Caption Contest: 10 Words. Test your ingenuity and answer the question in the picture. See details

05 September 2015

Competition: Lean Mean Defintions. In 35 words or less, define one or more of the terms (a) IXD (b) TechComm in Agile mode (c) Appendix! See details

17 August 2015

Shivi Sivasubramanian announced as the winner of our quiz. Congratualtions, Shivi!

16 August 2015

The call for proposals ends today. It's going to be tough for the selection committee members.

09 August 2015

The technical writing quiz closes with 26 responses. Now it's our job to find out the winner.

02 August 2015

A technical writing quiz is announced.

The last date for call for Proposals is extended from 02 August to 16 August 2015.

17 July 2015

Calling contibutions for Udaan as we had announced on Linkedin last month. Feeling not inspired enough? See details, and it is time to shift gears.

03 July 2015

The call for Proposals is open now. See the announcement and discussion for more details.

01 July 2015

The theme for STC India Annual Conference 2015 is - Guts & Glory. The winning entry is contributed by Radhika Hari. Congratulations Radhika! See details. See the Theme Story for more details on the background of conference theme.

16 June 2015

The conference website goes live today. 

12 June 2015

Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road booked as the conference venue

08 June 2015

We’ve decided to call it Udaan. Others might even dare to call it the conference newsletter. Send us your thoughts/stories. And watch how they become legends! See details

26 May 2015

See the announcement for 'Name The Theme' contest on LinkedIn.