Main conference

The conference will have sessions on chatbots, machine intelligence, visuals, storyboards, and automation, among other things.
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Keynote – Day 1: Documentation in the Armed Forces 

Colonel G-Shankar from the Indian Army (Retd) tells how documentation is handled in the armed forces.

Col G ShankarCol G Shankar

Keynote – Day 2: In the Age of AI: Keeping it Real 

In this keynote, Neeti will share data and insights on the latest technological trends shaping the business landscape, mapping how it will transform industries and experiences, and separate the hype from the reality. She will also share her thoughts on what these changes mean for information developers, and the opportunities and challenges that they need to be aware of.

Neeti SukhtankarNeeti Sukhtankar


Using design thinking to solve real-life issues of technical writers

In this session, Mukesh will talk about 2-3 issues that many technical writers face at work, and show how design thinking can be used to solve them.

Mukesh GuptaMukesh Gupta

Creating empathy maps

It was the detailed audience analysis that we talked about in early days. With psychographic and demographic details of our users. Then came the personas with the advent of user experience. However, both these tools were more discussed in job interviews than at actual workstations. The design thinking era has brought with it the Empathy Maps. A lean tool to gain deeper and quick insights into your customers. In this workshop, we will create a couple of empathy maps to master the art.

Mugdha KulkarniMugdha Kulkarni

Watson Conversation Service – Creating chat bots that understand natural language and respond in human-like conversation across multiple channels like web, mobile, and Slack

Chatbots are an essential way to let users interact with brands. They speak the same languages we do, can answer questions and offer instant support, 24×7. In this session, we learn how Watson Conversation Service can be used to rapidly build a chabot that is interactive, and dramatically improves and automates customer engagement. Come to this session to quickly build and deploy chatbots across a variety of channels, including mobile devices, messaging platforms, and even robots.

Soumya PrasadaSoumya Prasada
Jeffrey DareJeffrey Dare

Veni Vidi Vici : Tips and Tricks to crush inefficiency and speed up technical authoring and multichannel publishing 

Learn about creation and editing of documents suited for tailored experiences demanded by users today. We will also explore a strategy on how to smoothly transition to structured authoring with no impact on existing processes and publications.

Bharat PrakashBharat Prakash

Deliver the right content at the right time , to the right people – on the right device

See how easily you can tailor your content and deliver personalized help experiences, deliver google like search experience to enable users find relevant content faster and how to provide immersive user experience across all channels.

Manminder SinghManminder Singh

How to make product documentation smarter and contextual with Walkthroughs

Traditional product documentation is slowly becoming unusable especially for on-demand web application users. This workshop will provide a hands on experience of creating smart and contextual walkthroughs with Whatfix within any web-application. These contextual walkthroughs are highly relevant to the user’s context within the application making documentation smart and effective.

Chirabrata DasChirabrata Das
Manpreet ShergillManpreet Shergill


What is your usability quotient for differently-abled users? 

We have a group of people who are physically or mentally challenged and are coping with this digital world and facing a different set of challenges related to usability and accessibility of technology. Is this era equipped or future-proof for that minority group and do we have provisions implemented to make lives of such people better as well? Ethical Question, isn’t it. Are there any international norms while creating user documentation for this audience. Our session will throw light on such aspects of Technical Communication.

Prachi ModiPrachi Modi
Vikram MulayVikram Mulay

Content Analytics using Machine Learning and Statistical estimation techniques

In today’s day and age, analytics have become an increasingly important tool for improving search and streamlining business processes. This session focuses on using Machine Learning and other predictive methods to extract more meaningful analytics and insights from content. The session also focuses on using algorithms to auto-classify content and other regression/classification methods for better content analytics.

Saurav GhoshSaurav Ghosh

Operationalizing Augmented Reality in Large Enterprises

This session will cover how augmented reality (AR) applies to large enterprises that do not deal with consumer products. I’ll illustrate the opportunities and challenges of current AR technology through a close look at how Cisco Systems, a worldwide leader in IT and Networking, is implementing AR for its hardware products. At the end of the session, participants will have an understanding of how to implement and scale an AR solution in their company.

Sam GeorgeSam George

“I am Politely Aggressive”: Interactional Power and Agency in the Technical Communication Workplace 

We interviewed 46 women in Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad to understand women’s experiences in the technical and professional communication (TPC) workplace. The women reported difficulties establishing legitimacy due to a number of identities and social factors. They found ways to claim legitimacy in the face of devaluation and misconceptions, and their responses to difficult situations serve as a model for others seeking to respond to workplace challenges in TPC.

Emily January PetersenEmily January Petersen
Breeanne MathesonBreeanne Matheson

Wear the BA hat for more empathy 

As information designers, understanding the requirements as a BA would give us the extra edge of being more inclined towards what the user wants – that is, more empathy – resulting to user satisfaction – ultimate business value. So, how does a BA go about it? What extra does a BA do? What are the techniques to become more empathetic towards our user? Quick insight into BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) and BACCM model.

Sanchari MitraSanchari Mitra

Publishing automation using DevOps 

Srikanta and Visagan will talk about a DevOps based automated publishing solution that enables writers to publish and deploy their deliverables after they generate the output from the XML-based Content Management System (CMS). All these happen with just one-click (deliverable compilation, deployment, publishing of the output at the desired locations, and notification to all the interested parties through email).

Srikanta DashSrikanta Dash
Visagan SanthanamVisagan Santhanam

Machine Learning and Analytics for User Assistance Developers

Our session focuses on how information developers can leverage the capabilities of machine learning to deliver documentation for a new breed of software that can learn without being explicitly programmed. Many business are already taking advantage of this new technology era and we, as information developers, have to catchup. In our session, we will also explain how machine learning and insights from content analytics can improve both the user assistance content and the delivery channels.

Suresh SrinivasanSuresh Srinivasan
Akhil HarikrishnanAkhil Harikrishnan

Autobot – The way we do it

Autobot is a digital assistant that simulates conversation with a user and clarifies their queries. Autobot can also be used to automate programmatically executable tasks. The presentation will give a brief description on use, application, and flavours of Autobots. The main focus will be on implementation/integration of the end user documentation content to the application using the Autobot framework. This involves, slicing and dicing of the traditional content into FAQs and using scripts to hook the content to the corresponding API calls. The rest is the in-house Framework devised and built to bring Autobot into action!!!

Sumithra Asai ThambiSumithra Asai Thambi
Kabila JayarajKabila Jayaraj

Arthashastra and Technical Writing

If you thought that the Arthashastra was only an academic tome on politics and governance, come attend this session to see what gyan it offers on technical writing.

Anindita BasuAnindita Basu

From T-shaped writer to π(Pi) shaped writer 

Any writer who wants to stay relevant in today’s context should acquire the T-shape. But, as a writer grows with experience and tries to make a significant impact, the T-shape is not enough; therefore, a writer should strive to exhibit the characteristics of a π– shape. In this paper, Srikanta will explain the skills a writer must possess to become successful in today’s dynamic Information Technology landscape, what are the specific depth or expertise one can bring to the workplace, and how one can continually demonstrate value to drive enhanced user satisfaction.

Srikanta DashSrikanta Dash

Interaction Design Solutions

Interaction design focuses on the conceptualization and execution of interactivity with a set goal. The key goal of interactive design is to know how users and technology communicate with each other. Once you figure out how to predict user interaction with the system you learn how to fix problems early and also provide an enriching user experience. The objective of the session is to introduce you to interactive design and also introduce you to the guiding principle.

Vivek ChawareVivek Chaware
Mayur BhandarkarMayur Bhandarkar

Bots and their impact on technical communication

Will ‘bots’ usurp the services of the technical communicator? Vidhya portends the bot revolution, peeks at the technology wave that bots ride on, recognizes the new skills that technical communicators will need, and more positively pans the new opportunities that bots have thrown open. Adapting to bots, she says, is a way for us to demonstrate our empathy towards customers and serve them the information they need, when they need it, and in the form they need it.

Vidhya V Kumar

Microcopy – Tiny Words, Huge Impact! 

Nothing is more important than helping the user complete the task. Do you know sometimes small bits of textual information on the user interface at the right place can improve the usability of the product and help reduce user frustration. These small pieces of text are called Microcopy. In this session, we will discuss what is Microcopy, why is it important in UX, how to use it, and see some examples of it.

Sangeeta Raghu PunnadiSangeeta Raghu Punnadi

What are you feeding your bot?

It’s not for nothing they say that you are what you eat. If irrelevant and context-unaware content is what your chatbot is feeding on, expect it to spew out the same. A chatbot is only as intelligent as its master. Let’s talk about appropriate chunking, context setting, and content formatting that we, as content creators, can use to empower our bots and keep out BS while staying relevant.

Punam SaxenaPunam Saxena
Philomena DollaPhilomena Dolla

Designing Technical Content for a Voice Experience 

Technical content has evolved with the changing dynamics of the times – from PDFs, GUI, Web, Mobile, and now voice interfaces. Be it smart phones, smart watches, car dashboards, smart entertainment, voice-as-interface is emerging as a simple-to-use and hands-free alternative for content consumption. Voice also brings near-human interaction experience for customers in finding the right content at the right time. It’s time we as Technical Communicators (re)design product content for voice technologies such as Alexa, Cortana, and Siri.

Ravi Kumar AdapaRavi Kumar Adapa

Producing Videos using Chroma Key Technology

For the longest time, chroma key (better known as green screen) technology has been an integral part of movie making, showing everyday humans interacting with aliens, dragons, and other imaginary creatures in exotic locales. The Cisco documentation team has been experimenting with harnessing this technology to make product videos more engaging. This session is focused on sharing our experience and enabling others to produce chroma key videos.

Ashalatha TomAshalatha Tom
Amel Abdul RahmanAmel Abdul Rahman

Inking aloud: Technical Communication and Comics 

The session introduces the audience to an exciting visual style of technical communication via comic strips. We will trace the history and success of comics and explore more recent examples of them in action. We will look at the skill sets required, design considerations and explore several free/paid tools out there that could simplify their creation. Finally, we will look at a live demo and discuss the advantages and pitfalls of this style.

rajkiranhRajkiran H

Creating a Perfect Pitch with Whiteboarding Video    

Do you experience Death by PowerPoint? If yes, then this session is for YOU. Learn the “art” of selling your idea and creating a perfect pitch using white boarding videos. Get a download of the process, tools, and examples to create cool animation videos to market your ideas. Design creatively stunning videos to engage your audience quickly and get your message across innovatively. Experience a live demo to create a professional animation video in no time!

Siri SoodSiri Sood

Making Content Accessible: Beyond the Obvious 

Usually we associate accessibility only with visually impaired users and undermine the larger impact of making our content and tools accessible. Besides visually impaired users, our content must cater to users with low vision, color blindness, hearing impairment, physical and cognitive impairment, and accidental disabilities. Accessible content goes a long way in increasing their employability and betters their chances of being independent of caretakers for life, and getting companies ahead of competitors.

Sreya DuttaSreya Dutta
Abhishek MajumderAbhishek Majumder

So, What is in it for You?! 

This presentation lists some life hacks on practical empathy to help ICs and managers leverage the positive traits of self and others to glide through their work efficiently. Using heroes from popular culture to illustrate personality types, it examines the behavioral supports and constraints to achieving goals at the workplace. It also matches each type to life hacks that are examples of practical empathy.

Radhika HariRadhika Hari
Manisha KhuranaManisha Khurana

Impact of great mentors (empathetic people) on our professional growth as technical writers

Are you flexible and adaptable professionally, blossoming with new experiences and challenges? Great mentors (empathetic people) show us the simpler ways to get there. They will have you believe that you can surmount the insurmountable. This session talks about that and more.

Radhika HariRama Vasudevan

Minimalism in Documentation 

This session is going to explain Minimalism as a technical writing approach for developing short tasked oriented topics. This session is going to cover what is Minimalism in documentation with some historical background including the four basic principles of minimalism; how minimalism can supports learner-directed activities and help a user recover from any error that they inevitably make. We are also going to talk about advantages and disadvantages of minimalism and its impact on the user experience.

Dr. Anu SinghDr. Anu Singh

Learning Simple Whiteboard Video 

Whiteboard video has undoubtedly come of the age and proven its real power of showcasing any concept, simple or complex in an exciting and innovative way. Where the conventional video fails, whiteboard video takes it further by leveraging the power of animation and visually building a story with a clear call to action for the audience. In this session, we will show you how to create a whiteboard video using a simple tool. The session will cover a detailed introduction to that tool and how to use its artifacts to build a video sequentially.

Ashish JamesAshish James

The future of Technical Communications – Findings from Adobe Tech Comm. Survey 

This session will cover trends and findings from Adobe Tech Communication Survey and how the information developer/technical writer industry has been evolving. This session will share insights on questions such as “Is XML/DITA the future of authoring ?” , “Which publishing formats are gaining tractions”, “Are trends different across Asia , Europe and North America”, “is there specific trends across industry verticals or size of companies” , etc.

Amitoj SinghAmitoj Singh

Docs are Dead! How industry leaders are leveraging Walkthroughs to create engaging documentation 

Attention span among customers is reducing as the time fly. Docs are already History and many prefer interactive content over them. The walkthrough is a tech that industry leaders like Salesforce, Oracle, ServiceNow, etc have adopted and it has been working tremendously for them.

Vipul GuptaVipul Gupta

Jatish Mathew

Jatish Mathew is a Technical Communicator with Siemens for the last eleven years. Besides technical writing, he loves to explore design issues related to writing.

Dhannya Nair

Dhannya is a Technical Writer at Innovatia India working with large Telecom firms. She has vast experience in implementing new kinds of content and is passionate about the end user. She is passionate about exploring new trends in technical writing and has presented a paper on “Disruptive Technology Trends and Technical Writing” at the 18th STC National Conference.

Ashwini Gokhale

Ashwini Gokhale works as Senior Technical Writer in TIBCO Software, Pune. She has been a technical writer for 14 years, which includes 11 years experience in software product documentation. She has worked on various product domains and authoring frameworks.

Arthi Gnanasubramani

Arthi is a Senior Technical Writer at Innovatia with over 10 years of experience as a Technical Writer, working on structured authoring in DITA. She is passionate about writing and blogs frequently for Innovatia’s Website. She frequently learns about new technologies and creates content adaptations that leverage those technologies. She is also deeply interested in Information Architecture and involves herself in architectural improvements for information products.

Anagha Walvekar

Anagha Walvekar – After a 15-year long stint as a trainer, she decided to take up Technical Writing. She has authored courseware for C and C++ and has also done English language review for a book series for Avani Publications, Pune. Currently, she is working as an Associate Technical Writer with TIBCO Software.

Prachi Modi

Prachi is working as a Junior Technical Writer in Apttus, India. She has completed her Post Graduation in IT recently and made a brave move to enter the field of technical communication. Although it is an early stint in her career, she has done automation to make some mundane tasks faster.

Vikram Mulay

Vikram is working as a Principal Technical Writer in Apttus, India. He has 11 years of experience in technical communication. He is well versed with DDLC, Content Strategy, Agile model, Structured Authoring, UX, and API documentation. He has also contributed to STC India Annual Conference in 2015.

Saurav Ghosh

Saurav is a senior content and community lead at Adobe, Bangalore, with more than nine years of industry experience. Saurav is interested in enhancing content performance and discoverability using Machine Learning and other predictive algorithms.

Sam George

Sam manages the Switching and Wireless doc teams at Cisco Systems. He has been exploring augmented reality solutions for some time, and is very passionate about using AR to enhance the overall customer product experience. One of his current focus areas is the large-scale adoption of AR at Cisco.

Emily January Petersen

Emily January Petersen holds a Ph.D. from Utah State University and is an assistant professor of technical and professional writing at Weber State University in the Department of English Language and Literature. Her research focuses on professional identities from a feminist perspective, examining how women act as technical communicators in the workplace, online, and historically.

Breeanne Matheson

Breeanne Matheson is a Ph.D. candidate and graduate instructor at Utah State University. She has extensive experience conducting international field research in the global south and has also conducted local action-research aiming to reduce impacts of domestic violence by strengthening volunteer training.

Sanchari Mitra

A certified Business Analyst cum Technical Writer with over 9 years of experience. Currently, associated with L&T Infotech as a Business Writer specializing in Proposals, White Papers, and Collaterals. She has worked with companies like Bank of America, R Systems, and Vistaar with an exposure to different type of documentation.

Srikanta Dash

Srikanta Dash works as the Engineering Manager for the Information Development team at Unisys India Private Limited, Bangalore. He is a certified PMP from PMI. He has over 17 years’ experience that encompasses technical writing, technical editing, project management, people management, and delivery management. Currently, he looks into the delivery management function, and plays a key role in driving innovation and thought leadership. In his leisure time, he likes to keep himself abreast with the current affairs and is an ardent fan of cricket

Visagan Santhanam

Visagan Santhanam works as the Lead Engineer for the Information Development (ID) – Tooling Team at Unisys India Private Limited, Bangalore. He is instrumental in implementing several of the innovative solutions as a part of the ID team’s tooling strategy and publishing framework. He has over 12 years of experience in software engineering. He is experienced in providing software solutions, designs, and development of software applications spanning across multiple domains.

Suresh Srinivasan

Suresh Srinivasan works as a User Assistance Developer at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd. and is experienced in delivering user assistance for analytics and data warehousing domains. He has an overall experience of more than 8 years in the IT industry.

Akhil Harikrishnan

Akhil Harikrishnan works as a Senior User Assistance Developer at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd. and is experienced in working on documentation for domains like Telecom, Aerospace & Defense, and ERP Solutions. He has an overall experience of more than 12 years in the IT industry.

Sumithra Asai Thambi

Sumithra has 16 years of experience in the Technical Writing Industry. She has been with HCL for 9 years addressing documentation needs for a Networking/Telecom client. She has ideated and implemented several value-added services that enhanced customer experience. To mention a few, introduced interactive flow charts in process flow documents, scripts to automate replacement of default XML tags with the appropriate tags, and deployed bulk renaming utility that automated renaming of bulk files while XML migration.

Kabila Jayaraj

Kabila is associated with HCL for 8 years now and has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. Apart from documentation, she also acts as a Quality Metrics representative for documentation team. She was instrumental in re-structuring existing API documentation for better information usability. She simplified post-conversion clean-up tasks of Frame Maker to XML conversion and improvised the workflow of SDK documentation for better clarity and precision.

Anindita Basu

Anindita has been writing technically since 2006. She is also interested in statecraft, economic life, and military strategy, and will one day do a point-by-point comparison of the Arthashastra and the Ain-i-Akbari. Time permitting.

Srikanta Dash

Srikanta Dash works as the Engineering Manager for the Information Development team at Unisys India Private Limited, Bangalore. He is a certified PMP from PMI. He has over 17 years’ experience that encompasses technical writing, technical editing, project management, people management, and delivery management. Currently, he looks into the delivery management function, and plays a key role in driving innovation and thought leadership. In his leisure time, he likes to keep himself abreast with the current affairs and is an ardent fan of cricket

Mayur Bhandarkar

Mayur Bhandarkar is a Senior Technical Writer from TIBCO Software India Pvt. Ltd. He has 11+ years of experience in writing that includes Content Writing, Instructional Design, and Technical Writing. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications from Bengaluru University. He has writing experience in domains like eCommerce, Banking, Anti-virus, PLM, and Big Data.

Vidhya V Kumar

Vidhya V Kumar is an experienced technical communicator. She spent many years in IBM before moving on to Persistent Systems. She is a subject matter expert on SAFe, DevOps, Continuous Engineering and search optimization (SEO). In the past she has presented at STC on SEO and DITA. Besides leading and implementing several user assistance projects in IBM and Persistent, she writes in international journals on new technologies in software engineering practices.

Sangeeta Raghu Punnadi

Sangeeta Raghu-Punnadi has around 13 years of experience in TechComm. She is with PTC for last 8 years. She has writing experience in CAD and API documentation.

Punam Saxena

Punam Saxena is currently working as a Sr. Information Developer with BMC Software, Pune. In the ten years of her career span, she has developed documentation, mobile Help, and training materials for a wide variety of business domains.

Philomena Dolla

Philomena Dolla works as a Sr. Information Developer with BMC Software, Pune. In her twelve years of technical writing experience, she has enjoyed experimenting with various content development methodologies that make information accessible and relevant to the user.

Ravi Kumar Adapa

Ravi Kumar Adapa is a Senior Information Services Engineer. He has been with CA Technologies for over 6 years with a total of 18 years of experience in the fields of Writing, Training, Customer Experience, Team Management, and Project Management.

Ashalatha Tom

Ashalatha Tom works with Cisco Systems as a technical writer. She has nearly 10 years’ experience in the field of technical communications. At Cisco, she is part of a team that works on innovations that drive the future of technical communications, especially in the field of video direction and story boarding and also in delivering Augmented Reality solutions for Cisco products.

Amel Abdul Rahman

Amel Rahman has worked as a technical writer for over nine years, in a career spread across Cisco and Nokia Siemens and previously as a software developer at Allgo Embedded Systems. Her interest is currently in video creation and next generation technologies like augmented reality in documentation. She loves to write creatively, trek, and is an avid reader. She has also co-published anthologies of humorous and horror stories.

Rajkiran H

Rajkiran has over 12-years of experience as a Senior Technical Writer, Trainer, and Instructional Designer. Rajkiran loves working on Augmented Reality and Visual Interaction Design solutions for Technical Communication.

Siri Sood

Siri Sood is a Senior Knowledge Manager at SAP. She comes with 15 years of seasoned IT industry experience. She is an Engineer with expertise in technical documentation, customer engagement, governance, branding, and communication. Siri is a Diversity champion and SAP Mascot. She is passionate about Speed Mentoring and spreading Digital Literacy among school children. She has been a Speaker at several technology forums and thought leadership seminars. Siri is also pursuing a Technical Program Manager fellowship at SAP SuccessFactors to drive complex strategic programs across Product Management, Engineering, and Operations.

Sreya Dutta

Sreya Dutta manages information development for Project Portfolio Management applications and a leads the accessibility initiatives in the user assistance group at Oracle Hyderabad. In addition, she is an expert on Agile user assistance and continuous delivery. She has presented at the 18th STC Conference in 2016 in Hyderabad.

Abhishek Majumder

Abhishek Majumder is an information developer for Project Portfolio Management applications at Oracle Bengaluru. Abhishek has applied the latest accessibility standards to his documentation deliverables and also coordinated the accessibility implementation initiative for his team. He is interested in exploring new techniques to make content accessible.

Radhika Hari

Radhika Hari (Sr. Technical Writer, Oracle India) has 15+ years of experience in various business writing forms and in handling portfolios such as editing, training, CRM, and Corporate Communications. A multiple award winner at various writing and software forums, she was also STC India’s first Editing SIG (2014).

Manisha Khurana

Manisha Khurana (Senior Manager, Spice Digital) has 13 years of experience in Technical Communications, Instructional Design, Usability Testing, Localization, and Sales Enablement. In her current role, she has created technical writing and localization teams from scratch. She is also STC DCSA award recipient.

Rama Vasudevan

Rama is a senior technical writer at Synopsys. She has an engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics with over 11 years of experience in multiple high technology companies. Being a firm believer in all things that enhance information experience, she constantly strives to explore new avenues that make things simpler and clearer for the audience. She keeps a pulse on the emerging technologies and sees how best to bring in those in the day to day work. Her motto is ‘By working together we can make a difference’.

Vivek Chaware

Vivek Chaware is a Technical Writer at TIBCO Software India Pvt. Ltd. He has 3+ years of experience in writing that includes Content Writing and Technical Writing. He has a Degree in Computer Science from Nagpur University and Diploma in Technical Communication from Technowrites. He has writing experience in domains like Security, Software, and Mobile Applications.

Dr. Anu Singh

Dr. Anu Singh is a technical writing enthusiast who considers herself a work in-progress towards perfection. She is a Ph.D. in English, and loves coding information in words for users. She is currently working as a Manager, Technical Writing at Fiserv. Email:, Tweet @AnujyotsnaDr

Shiny Antony

Shiny Antony is the Documentation Manager of FIS for the Buy Side Sector, India. She is passionate about learning new skills, improving her existing skills and sharing her learnings. She looks for and creates opportunities to learn and share. She conducts sessions on MadCap Flare, Technical Writing Concepts, Scrum, and Effective Communication. Currently, she is exploring the world of painting.

Pavan Soni

Dr. Pavan Soni is an Innovation Evangelist by profession and a teacher by passion. He is the founder of Inflexion Point, a strategy and innovation consulting. Apart from being an Adjunct Faculty at IIM Bangalore, Pavan has consulted with leading organizations on innovation and creativity, including 3M, Amazon, BCG, Deloitte, Flipkart, Honeywell, and Samsung, amongst others. Pavan was the only Indian to be shortlisted for the prestigious ‘FT & McKinsey Bracken Bower Award for the Best Business Book of the Year 2016’. He has also been invited thrice to speak at the TEDx. For his work on innovation, Pavan bagged the prestigious ‘On the Job Achiever’ Award at Lakshya in 2007 at NITIE Mumbai.
Pavan works closely with CII, Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce, European Business Group, FICCI, Karnataka Knowledge Commission, NHRD, and World Trade Centre, towards shaping their innovation activities. Pavan is a mentor for NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore, Founder Institute, Institute of Product Leadership, Brainstars, Budli, HackerEarth, and UpGrad, and is on advisory board for VC firm- Utilis Capital. Pavan is also a columnist at YourStory, India’s leading magazine for entrepreneurs.
He is a Gold Medalist from MBM Engineering College Jodhpur, and did his PGDIE from NITIE Mumbai. Pavan finished his Doctoral Studies from IIM Bangalore in the domain of innovation management. More on his work is available at

Mukesh Gupta

As Director for Customer Advocacy at SAP India, Mukesh Gupta is responsible for enabling the success of SAP’s user groups in India and Sri Lanka. Working with the SAP Partner Advisory board, he is the bridge between the different SAP teams, SAP partners and its customers, thereby completing the loop. He enables customers understand and assimilate information about all the new innovations that SAP brings to market and at the same time, brings their feedback on products, strategy and engagement model to the respective teams within SAP to ensure continuous improvement across the board. Mukesh also volunteers with SAP Intrapreneurship program as a coach and helps internal teams to improve their ideas, by applying a customer-centric and insight-driven approach. He is a recognized change agent and a design thinking coach, who has trained customers, partners and SAP teams on using Design thinking methodology to innovate. Mukesh is also the author of the world’s first business poem – Your Startup Mentor and writes a popular blog – Musings of a Salesman. He is also the host of a podcast – Pushing Beyond the Obvious, where he invites thought leaders from the fields of Sales, Marketing, Innovation, Leadership and Strategy to share their perspectives. He also contributes to the Digitalist Magazine. A seasoned industry veteran, Mukesh has held various roles and in multiple industries in India. Prior to joining SAP, apart from other things, ran his own start-up in the retail and distribution space. Mukesh has a post-graduate degree in Marketing Management from Pondicherry University.

Ashish James

Ashish was the youngest speaker for STC Mumbai, working with Digité for past 1.5 years as a Technical Writer.He had completed his Engineering from I.T domain in 2016. He started editing Audio/video at an early age of fourteen.He has a strong passion for managing and organizing events/activities with innovative ideas, editing videos, multitasking and coordinating as well as leading teams.Some of his key interests include baking, debating, and long distance driving.

Mugdha Kulkarni

Mugdha is an information architect with IBM software labs. In the last two years, she has been fortunate to work with teams that apply design thinking principles in everyday work. She is in awe with Empathy maps as an effective tool to create minimalistic content for better cognition.

Soumya Prasada

She is is a Cognitive Engineer at IBM Watson Lab Services India. She worked with large European financial domain customer, US insurance company customer to implement IBM Watson Suite of products/Watson Solutions. Prior to this role she was a World Wide Technical Enablement Architect at IBM -Commerce. She has over 17 years of industry experience , worked with world’s largest retailer’s implementing IBM order management.She has been a speaker in various International customer conferences like Smarter Commerce, Amplify at US, Also Delivered session at IBM Tech conferences like Engage,ISTC events in Bangalore, India. She also involved in various University relations initiative & conducted workshops at various premier colleges.

Jeffrey Dare

Jeffrey Dare is a Senior Engineer involved with IBM Watson IoT since its inception. His areas of interest include Internet of Things (IoT) and devices. He has showcased and presented at multiple events – IBM Insights 2015 and IBM Interconnect 2017 held in Las Vegas, IBM DevConnect and IBM Engage 2016 in Bangalore, India.

Bharat Prakash

Bharat Prakash is the Solutions Consultant for the Technical Communication unit at Adobe and has more than a decade’s experience in software development, testing and consulting. Bharat is an expert in Structured Authoring and various industry standards like DITA and MathML.

Manminder Singh

Manminder Singh is the Product Solutions Consultant for Adobe Technical Communication and E-Learning line of products. He has been working with Adobe for more than 4 years and specializes in Adobe RoboHelp, RoboHelp Server and Adobe Captivate. Manminder is an expert in providing solutions to the clients and also guides them through the best practices to create and deliver content using the right tools.

Amitoj Singh

Amitoj Singh, Product Manager – Adobe Technical Communications Tools (FrameMaker and RoboHelp). A business technocrat with more than 10 years of experience in software industry. Started his career as a software engineer with Adobe in 2005 and been in Product Management space for last 7+ years.. Linked IN Profile:

Neeti Sukhtankar

Neeti Sukhtankar is the Offering Manager for Mobile in the IBM Cloud division, based in Bangalore. Neeti has had a varied and multidisciplinary career, starting in advertising and moved to IT in the sunrise years of IT in Bangalore in the late 90s. As a communications expert, she joined LogicaCMG (now CGI) as an Information Developer, and moved to IBM by intent in 2007 to get exposed to the technological finesse, foresightedness and innovation that IBM User Assistance was leading the pack in. Neeti worked as a practitioner, an architect, and a manager, leading global teams and innovation missions for Rational software at IBM. She then had a serendipitious outing as the technical assistant for the Vice President of the IBM India Software Lab where she was initiated into formulation and execution of business strategy and operations management for the lab and worldwide development teams. Last year, Neeti took on the role of Offering Manager as it brought together all the dimensions of her experience – strategy, markets, and technology – and affords her the opportunity to capture market direction and customer needs, formulate product strategy, and manage execution. Through it all, Neeti remains a committed user champion and advocate, passionate about building iconic experiences for her users. She has previously spoken at STC conferences and meetups, and enjoys sharing her insights on technology and human topics.

Vipul Gupta

Vipul Gupta is Head of Marketing, Whatfix

Chirabrata Das

Chirabrata Das is Customer Success Manager, Whatfix.

Manpreet Shergill

Manpreet Shergill is an Account Manager, Whatfix.