Pre conference

Two separate tracks of intensive hands-on workshops will be held on December 7, 2017 at 2 separate venues. You can register for the workshops at only one venue (one track).

To know more about the speakers, click or tap their pictures. Venue and timings are at this link.

Track 1

Venue: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sy.No.192, Whitefield Road, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

Learning to empathize

How do we understand our users? By empathizing with them. How do we develop empathy? By going and meeting them. However, that is not practical. This workshop will provide you with the tools to develop empathy for your users. You will learn different techniques of empathy such as creating personas, understanding emotions, constructing journey maps. You will practice these techniques by working on a group project. We will also explore how empathy will help you write better documentation.

Jatish MathewJatish Mathew


Storyboarding your way – From fuzzy ideas to logical, well-designed information experiences

Users no longer want just any information product, but information experiences that are truly engaging at a sensorial level. Given these expectations, information developers nowadays require to visualize their end products at both the conceptualization and design phases. This workshop emphasizes storyboarding as an invaluable tool to do just that. Here, you will learn the “why” and “how” of storyboarding, view practical examples of multimedia products created out of storyboards, and gain hands-on experience in creating storyboards using simple everyday tools.

Arthi GnanasubramaniArthi Gnanasubramani
Dhannya NairDhannya Nair


Track 2

Venue: Unisys India Pvt Ltd, ‘Purva Premier’, 135/1, Residency Road, Bangalore-560025, Karnataka

Requirements: All participants need a laptop with the following software

  • Windows OS
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet on their mobile phones to be used as a hotspot for net connectivity (at least 3G, 4G recommended) OR a WiFi hotspot or dongle
  • git installation instructions are in this file.
  • Markdown (install markdown from
  • Markdown Reader or MarkView extension for Google Chrome OR Markdown Viewer Webext extension for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Trial version of Madcap Flare.

Overview of Git and Markdown

The product and writer teams are merging. Writers also need to learn and use tools that the product team uses. One such tool is the Git repository. In this workshop, we will introduce git concepts and a few basic commands, install Git, and create a sample guide using Markdown and Git.

Ashwini GokhaleAshwini Gokhale
Anagha WalvekarAnagha Walvekar


Crash course in MadCap Flare

A walkthrough to help you create a guide or manual and generate it in different output formats.
The following will be covered:
Creating a project, creating and maintaining topics, using condition tags and their purpose, creating and using Snippets and Variables, creating and modifying TOCs, creating and modifying Target, building document outputs in different formats.

Shiny AntonyShiny Antony


Jatish Mathew

Jatish Mathew is a Technical Communicator with Siemens for the last eleven years. Besides technical writing, he loves to explore design issues related to writing.

Dhannya Nair

Dhannya is a Technical Writer at Innovatia India working with large Telecom firms. She has vast experience in implementing new kinds of content and is passionate about the end user. She is passionate about exploring new trends in technical writing and has presented a paper on “Disruptive Technology Trends and Technical Writing” at the 18th STC National Conference.

Ashwini Gokhale

Ashwini Gokhale works as Senior Technical Writer in TIBCO Software, Pune. She has been a technical writer for 14 years, which includes 11 years experience in software product documentation. She has worked on various product domains and authoring frameworks.

Arthi Gnanasubramani

Arthi is a Senior Technical Writer at Innovatia with over 10 years of experience as a Technical Writer, working on structured authoring in DITA. She is passionate about writing and blogs frequently for Innovatia’s Website. She frequently learns about new technologies and creates content adaptations that leverage those technologies. She is also deeply interested in Information Architecture and involves herself in architectural improvements for information products.

Anagha Walvekar

Anagha Walvekar – After a 15-year long stint as a trainer, she decided to take up Technical Writing. She has authored courseware for C and C++ and has also done English language review for a book series for Avani Publications, Pune. Currently, she is working as an Associate Technical Writer with TIBCO Software.

Shiny Antony

Shiny Antony is the Documentation Manager of FIS for the Buy Side Sector, India. She is passionate about learning new skills, improving her existing skills and sharing her learnings. She looks for and creates opportunities to learn and share. She conducts sessions on MadCap Flare, Technical Writing Concepts, Scrum, and Effective Communication. Currently, she is exploring the world of painting.