My experience in attending the Annual Conference

The most awaited day had come. For the first time, I was eagerly waiting to attend the STC Annual Conference 2014 held in Bangalore. When I reached the venue, I seriously got goosebumps to see such a big crowd; “Wow” so many writers from various organizations. There were about 500+ writers listening with pin drop silence to a Key Note speech delivered by a veteran in the writer field from the USA.

Usually, I got to see only a few writers in the organization I used to work. After seeing so many writers under a single roof, I got confidence that I took the right decision of choosing “Technical Writing” as my career. Also, I was happy about taking an initiative to be a part of the event hosted by the Society of Technical Communicator (STC), which is an exponentially growing society and the right platform for all the Tech Comm professionals for enhancing their skills, broadening their horizons, and expanding their network. It means the same to me and this made me feel at home.

I met many senior and junior writers from various parts of India and a few others from different countries.  I was astonished by the way the arrangements were made for the participants to attend various sessions in three different tracks. I was keen on listing to the interesting presentations and making notes of various trends and technology being adopted in different companies and the best practices being followed them.

Had I known that I would choose Technical Writer as my career, I wouldn’t have turned down the offer and continued to pursue my graduation in English Literature. Had there been a reverse time traveling machine, I would go back to my college days and pursue English Literature to become a good communicator. 

I am a firm believer of the proverb “Work is worship”. In the name of serving society, I’ve seen people making false promises and leaving the situation unchanged. If you believe writing is your forte, come forward to serve this society for technical writers.

Plants were sown in one generation, the fruits of which are reaped by the next generation. This is possible only through proper watering and through nourishment. Most of you’ll know the history of STC, which formed after the World War-II and has since then kept growing successfully in leaps and bounds helping its members in evolving with time.

Thanks & Regards,

Padmaja Vaidhula S
Project Lead – Tech Comm | Broadridge Financial Solutions
Bangalore | India