Creating and publishing hands-on labs and tutorials for developers and other users

Practitioner Session with Gururaj BS


Vice President, Information Development at Oracle

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Businesses are accelerating their digital transformation efforts by adopting new technology and services to solve specific business problems. This 45-minute presentation, which includes demos and Q and A, discusses how companies can prepare their workforce and customers for their current and future challenges by offering free tutorials, hands-on labs/sandboxes.

Labs are hands-on practices in live software environments with pre-defined tutorials. Learners need a modern, simple, user-friendly environment where they can develop and test skills. Such learning experiences enable developers, who are the backbone of cloud and technology adoption these days, to learn through practice.

Some companies used to charge a fee for hands-on labs, as they had to set up costly infrastructure resources, provision, administer, manage, and support the lab environments. Only instructional designers or technical writers used to develop hands-on lab instructions. Things have changed. Today cloud providers offer infrastructure resources at extremely low prices. New capabilities and features in the areas of virtualization and infrastructure as code have simplified the process of setting up and managing lab environments. Content now comes from various sources, including technical writers, product managers, developers, and internal and external communities.

About Gururaj BS

Gururaj runs a global organization that develops and maintains Oracle Help Center ( and Oracle Learning Library (

His team is responsible for web portal- development, infrastructure, content authoring systems, content engineering, content build and publishing pipeline, content compliance, information architecture, design/UX, digital content, and product management. His team also includes technical writers and user assistance developers working on cloud and on-premises identity and access management products, and cross-product solution architecture content assets.