23rd STC India Annual Conference, March 2022 Edition

Mar 26, 2022 | India | Online only
The STC India Conference will be presented in a new format, with power-packed sessions and speakers, spread over four quarters in 2022. Buy your tickets for March 2022 or check the schedule using the buttons below.
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Theme: Evolve

The technical communication field is evolving at a much faster pace than ever. The technical communicators need to be nimble in adapting to the changing landscape and add newer skills to their portfolio and combine multiple roles in one. The conference put the focus back on this quintessential skill of technical communicators in today’s age!

Join us at the conference where some of the well-revered industry experts share their first-hand experience in adapting to trends, what clicked, what did not.

Quick Schedule

March 26th, 2022

09:30 am
Tech Comm trends to follow or forget

Keynote with Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is a senior technical writer for Google in Seattle, Washington. He is best known for his blog http://idratherbewriting.com , where he posts regularly on technical communication topics.
10:30 am
Creating and publishing hands-on labs and tutorials for developers and other users

Practitioner Session with Gururaj BS

Gururaj is the Vice President, Information Development at Oracle. He runs a global organization that develops and maintains Oracle Help Center (http://docs.oracle.com) and Oracle Learning Library (http://oracle.com/oll). 
11:30 am
STC India Awards & Recognitions

With Rajib Borkataki

More information coming soon
11:45 Am
STC India Salary Survey 2021

Process and Results discussed

Results of STC India Salary Survey 2021
12:30 pm
Evolution of Technical Communications in Various Organisations

Panel Discussion

Panelists: Kavitha Shinde, Senior Director at PTC; Sandhya Ranganathan, Section Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Sudha Tayya, Manager, Product Content at ServiceNow

Moderator: Aruna Panangipally, MD at ibruk Consulting


Meet Our Speakers

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson

Senior Technical Writer at Google

Gururaj BS
Gururaj BS

Vice President, Information Development at Oracle

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