25 now and 25 next:
Whatever It Takes (WIT)

Hear ye! Hear ye!

It has been an epic quarter of a century during which the domain evolved from being a support function (technical writing) to becoming an indispensable service (user assistance).

The journey has been characterized by a Whatever It Takes (WIT) attitude that brought us thus far, and we believe that it will take us ahead.

While we reflect on the blockbuster journey so far, we should also have an eye on the future and prepare for the next quarter of a century, if not more!

In this quest, let us explore evolving trends from the wider User Assistance domain; be it Technical Writing, Instructional Design, User Experience, and more.

Calling all of you share your learnings and feedforward in all its shapes and forms; the formal and the informal; the structured and the unstructured; the regular and the innovative.

Bring it on!