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20/20 Vision: Trigger Deep Delight with User Experience!

Break silos. Transform. Delight.

20/20 is a term used to refer to good vision. If you can read row 8 on a Snellen chart at the Ophthalmologist from 20 feet, you are said to have a 20/20 Vision. This is often mistaken for excellent vision, but it simply means ‘normal’ vision. 

Let’s develop a 20/20 Vision about our role and transform ourselves into true ‘user assistance professionals’!

In today’s times, our role is to ensure that users work “as one” with the solution and focus on their work rather than figuring out how our application works.

“User Assistance” suggests that we need to help build applications that are intuitive and support users through their journey, providing the help they need unobtrusively. A delighted user will be a captive user! 😊 

To achieve this, the User Assistance team needs to be the “conscience” of the application, advocating the needs of the user throughout the development lifecycle: from defining requirements to participating in process, UI, and interaction design to enabling user productivity through various information artifacts.  

So, it’s time to understand the business goals, redefine ourselves as multi-skilled professionals who are agents for delivering exceptional user experience.

Come, let’s reach for the stars! But hey, first things first, let’s sharpen our vision to a perfect 20/20!